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The man level leader is a group pet in shuangwen world

The man level leader is a group pet in shuangwen world

The man level leader is a group pet in shuangwen world

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    The man level leader is a group pet in shuangwen world
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    Floating dawn stardust
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    Long Novel
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2023-05-26 05:57:52
Micro fantasy + sweet pet + group pet + double strong + full level stream one sentence introduction: the director of the fast wear Bureau, Yun Jinge, led ten full level fast wearers on the road of group pet in shuangwen world when Yunjin song, the only God in the world and a real God level leader, became a traffic vase with the first face and mistakenly entered the script killing Island Escape program black powder: Yunjin song must be the first to be eliminated, either eaten by a tiger or bitten by a wolf Yunjin song: that's it? Weak explosion black powder: script kill? I'm afraid the IQ of Yunjin song can't even understand Ben with one's own strength, Yunjin song, which plays everyone in the palm of his hand: dimensionality reduction and attack, do you like it black powder: Yunjin song is too cruel! Urge her to quit the entertainment industry and catch her National Movie emperors, top class idols, scientific research talents and national skilled doctors came one after another, bowing down and becoming ministers: who dares to move our boss black powder: I'm tired and can't move. Love who you love when the former vase cloud song became the star goddess favored by the group, and the fans shouted to give birth to monkeys for her Yan Yunbai (smiling): I heard you want to give my monkey this life looking at the lightning flashing on his hand, fans shook their heads: we are not, we don't, don't talk nonsense (the goddess's husband is terrible!) Yunjin song: childish Yan Yunbai is the origin of heaven in front of people, they are ruthless and lustful, invert all living beings, and are cold relegated immortals with beautiful beauty as a young woman, she is coquettish and cute, and likes to stare at her wife. It is the exclusive white sweetness of Yunjin song extremely double standard, big and lovely, worth having!

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