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Yunnan cloud Guiyin

Yunnan cloud Guiyin

Yunnan cloud Guiyin

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    Yunnan cloud Guiyin
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    Yang Liuxi
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    Free Novel
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2023-05-26 07:04:38
In her late thirties, Yunxiu met many problems faced by women of this age, such as parents urging marriage, career bottlenecks, boyfriend cheating, and the circle is getting smaller and smaller if you are not willing to be mediocre, you must have the courage and determination to cut through thorns and thorns the Pumi village in the hinterland of the three rivers and one side of the Hengduan Mountains in Northwest Yunnan is a turning point in the career of cloud embroidery. Prayer flags are hung in the village. She made thin hair out of thick accumulation and sincere empathy. Finally, she grew from a student majoring in ethnology to an excellent professor of ethnology it's just that Yunxiu never thought that she would meet her lover in college here Yue Yanxin's bleak lips pasted on her warm knuckles: "Yunxiu, how about getting married?" Yunxiu thought they were inappropriate, and Yue Yanxin disagreed: "if it's appropriate, try again?" Yunxiu said they were passers-by in each other's lives, with different directions, like wheels separated from the north and the south "that's not easy." Yue Yanxin smiled, "I've removed the wheel all night." Yunxiu: "... * one day after marriage, Yunxiu suddenly sighed with Yue Yanxin:" if there was no coincidence of meeting again in the Nujiang River, we might have another ending. " Yue Yanxin grinned:" do you really think it's a coincidence? " Cloud embroidery: "?" "embroidery embroidery, there are not many reunions after a long separation in the world, but more premeditated." the leading edge of you and me continues, but I have been thinking about you for many years, but I have been planning for a long time.