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Xiao Hanshu

Xiao Hanshu

Xiao Hanshu

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    Xiao Hanshu
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    Wen Tu
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2023-05-26 06:24:33
Cheng Yuzhi hides in the boudoir with unspeakable secrets. Her greatest wish in life is to live in obscurity and quiet. A garden murder made her intersect with Xiao Wei, the Shaoqing of Dali temple in Luojing later, Cheng Yuzhi realized that Xiao Wei never explained all kinds of rumors about himself, but because he and she are the same and hide secrets that can not be told to others... [reading guide] men and women 1v1, there will be smoke bombs in the early stage low magic worldview, with slightly supernatural content the main line falls in love, while the sub line engages in business and solves cases if it's not cool, it's sweet first and then bitter.