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My ex husband always wants me to remarry

My ex husband always wants me to remarry

My ex husband always wants me to remarry

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    My ex husband always wants me to remarry
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    Wei Yang
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    Happy Novel
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Yu got his wish and married a man who had been in secret love for ten years. Unexpectedly, the man sent her to prison step by step when they were tortured in prison, they received the news that the man was finally with Bai moonlight. When their children were in danger, they received the news that he and Bai moonlight were going to be engaged when the reporter interviewed her what she thought about Su Shao's engagement, she smiled generously: "Congratulations, he has finally cured his incompetence." at this time, Yu Xiaoman outside the airport saw the man he had only seen in the photo and rushed up and shouted, "King Bajing!" Su Yanshen picked up the little guy in front of him and asked with a black face, "who are you?" Yu Xiaoman replied righteously: "my mother said I was a little bastard." Su Yan twitched at the corners of his mouth: "who is your mother?" Yu Xiaoman proudly and coldly hum: "I won't tell you, she said she would go back to find her father to add a sister to me."

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