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My whole family collapsed

My whole family collapsed

My whole family collapsed

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    My whole family collapsed
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    Ying Yixin
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    Wine Novel
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2023-01-24 11:33:12
Gu Xin had a disease. After he recovered, he found that the whole family had changed bad gambling almost sold his wife and daughter. His father, who was drunk and wanted to beat people, said he would not gamble in the future. He would pick up his textbooks, take the imperial examination and give them a happy life she is diligent and does things neatly, but her mother, who only dares to be cruel to her in her nest, can't even burn a fire, and dares to confront the debt collector with a firewood knife she is good at embroidery and indifferent to people. Her sister who never cooks no longer takes needles. She smiles more and takes over all the work in the kitchen Gu Xin thinks she is dreaming. Except for the changes of her parents and sister, after she saved a fish and released it, those who scolded her will fall and those who gave her bad ideas will be unlucky. If she wants to eat anything, the living creature will take the initiative to come to the door and hit her head on her door. She can get it by coincidence if it is not a living creature how beautiful all this is of course, I wish the little boy in the town didn't get nervous last week the young master of the Zhou family said that her parents would sell her, and her sister would harm her in the future. The young master would take her away and escape from the devil's cave GU Dad: where's the little rabbit? I'm nine thousand years old. I'm only a thousand away from long live. Can I sell my baby youngest daughter GU Niang: fuck off, smelly boy. As a strong woman with such a big business empire, it's not easy for me to have a daughter. Am I willing sister Gu: Master scum, don't think I don't know how scum you have in your book will hurt my xiaoxinxin. Bah young master of Zhou family: W Д W, how can you keep up with life? However, no matter what is different, I won't miss Xinxin in this life Gu Xin: have you asked my opinion?

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