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Qingchuan old history

Qingchuan old history

Qingchuan old history

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    Qingchuan old history
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    Liang Yucheng
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2023-03-01 08:21:55
According to books, Qingchuan has a history of at least 2000 years in the past two thousand years, there have been many stirring stories and many powerful people on this continent however, the most talked about by later generations is always the more than ten years of Qi guojinghong's reign since the 300th year of the Qingchuan era stars once fell like rain on the bright platform the snow lantern, which has not been on for a hundred years, once shone through Jidu the winter of Cangwu city is always windy, but the dark fragrance can go all the way south through the time and dusty secret and pierce the Pengxi mountain with clouds all the year round there have never been so many legendary young girls at the same time there is no other decade that can uncover so many unsolved unsolved cases one by one like fireworks it is said that some of them have gone back it is said that he and she met again in the mountains where the first snow is heavy snow it is said that the day when the beacon lights up every year is her birthday it is said that after hundreds of years, the aroma of orange flowers still flows in the summer night of Qi palace.

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