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The bigot s second marriage sweet wife

The bigot s second marriage sweet wife

The bigot s second marriage sweet wife

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    The bigot s second marriage sweet wife
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    Wandering with heart
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    Garden Novel
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2023-01-21 02:36:10
Do you believe in "destined marriage" Zhou Yichen believed, but God took away the "person in his destiny", so he vowed that "if it were not for that person, he would not marry in this life" Lu Yuqing believes that "my life is determined by me, not by heaven". Where is the "fate determined by heaven"? So he married Shen Tinglan. But when sun Youyi, the "cinnabar mole" in his fate, returned, he immediately showed his "slag husband" physique, breaking Shen Tinglan's heart the divorced Shen Tinglan is still the "unprecedented treasure girl of C Medical University" that everyone admires and loves so she abused the scum, beat the monster and upgraded all the way, and was inspired to contribute her whole life to the medical career. Meet at the summit, and finally meet the person in the destiny.

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