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Women refuse to be cannon fodder

Women refuse to be cannon fodder

Women refuse to be cannon fodder

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    Women refuse to be cannon fodder
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    Confucius and poetry
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    365 Books
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2023-05-25 21:16:36
Jiang Chan, a junior high school student in xiaotransparent, took a bad hand in her life. His parents were unknown. He grew up in an orphanage and reluctantly graduated from junior high school with the help of the orphanage the orphanage is difficult to operate and can't afford her high school tuition. Jiang Chan is facing the fate of dropping out of school after graduation. Just when Jiang Chan was desperate, a light mass fell from the sky and hit Jiang Chan's head. As long as Jiang Chan signs a contract with it and completes tasks in small worlds, Jiang Chan can learn corresponding skills to change herself. Since then, Jiang Chan has embarked on the journey of conquering the sea of stars