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wasteland angel

wasteland angel

wasteland angel

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    wasteland angel
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2022-08-24 07:02:51
Mu He is a well-trained killer. He crosses the wild continent and watches the orc like the monster who easily crushed her fall into silence. Fortunately, orcs are stupid. In order to protect themselves, we reduced the dimensions of these orcs and suppressed them, so that they were in awe, afraid of themselves and far away from themselves one side is for life: building houses, digging wells, making delicious food, planting and breeding, burning pottery, practicing iron, treating diseases and collecting medicine... These 18 martial arts make her more and more biased on the road of killers. There is always an exception. She is afraid of death and always sticks to it until she was found to be a paper tiger, no one was afraid of her anymore. Mu He thought my life was over. Behind him came a lingering gentle voice: "why don't I protect you." shepherd and silence a trusted person is a very unlucky existence for the killer, but she seems to have no choice "the price is to promise each other and never give up all your life."