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You are the moon on the tip of your heart

You are the moon on the tip of your heart

You are the moon on the tip of your heart

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    You are the moon on the tip of your heart
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    Gu Nanmo
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    Free Trial Novel
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2022-11-28 07:05:27
26-year-old noble, cold and beautiful woman, x18-year-old gentle, dark belly and shy little wolf dog Chu Yu was entrusted to finance his university study. At the first sight of him on the ridge, Ning Shu felt that his temperament was clean to his heart, his lips were red and white, his eyes were clear, like a dog wet in the rain at the first sight of Ning Shu, Chu Yu felt that she was powerful. Strangers should not be close with fierce beauty Chu Yu, 18, was careful in front of Ning Shu for fear that she would feel like a trouble later, the two sides broke their understanding of each other Ning Shu has changed from a sonorous and powerful "I'll raise you" to a coquettish "don't want to work hard" Chu Yu's obedient "listen to you" has changed into a firm and powerful "listen to me" ten fingers play repeatedly, the sound of the piano is melodious, the spring heart sprouts, and the feelings heat up "sister Shu, can I raise you?" Ning Shu, who was so careful, still didn't bear Chu Yu's pathetic attack "sister Shu, I'm wrong." "sister Shu, the company is yours, and I'm yours." "sister Shu, can I kneel down on the keyboard?" "Shu Shu, please take care of me ~" the moon on the tip of my heart, you are a special experience in my life. this is a sweet pet article similar to mutual redemption, with almost no abuse and similar cultivation, Rest assured~

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