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She is an omnipotent Xueba

She is an omnipotent Xueba

She is an omnipotent Xueba

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    She is an omnipotent Xueba
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    I'm angry with myself
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    Novel 520
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2022-08-19 00:48:31
[1v1, sweet pet, two-way rush] holding the engagement Keepsake dragon and Phoenix ring worth tens of millions, the two parties refused one after another: Qin Haoye, the successor of the first rich family in Beijing: as long as you are willing to withdraw your marriage, you can mention the conditions Shen Ying, the only granddaughter of the retired miracle doctor: I came to the capital to study. Quit my marriage and set me free the two people hit it off and withdrew from the marriage, leaving only old Qin, who was eager to promote the marriage, jumping however, after quitting her marriage, Qin Haoye slowly tasted the taste: in the face of her half sister's academic provocation, Shen Ying made a startling counter attack within a month and hit her face with the "green tea trio" Master Qin's old illness recurred. At a critical moment, she held a silver needle to save people on the front line of life and death the national calligraphy competition will win the gold medal with one stroke. After that, the chairman of the Calligraphy Association called master: "why didn't you tell me in advance?" he was scolded: "she still needs to say hello to you at her level? After two years of practice, you don't know where to ask for food." the school art festival, temporary rescue, three concerts of pipa, guzheng and flute, which blew up the whole audience... Qin Haoye: I regret, Let such a fiancee go get up wherever you fall. He fell into Shen Ying's arms "my toxicity has relapsed." "didn't I cure you long ago?" "this time it's your poison." from people to heart, it has long been occupied.