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Dried bird order

Dried bird order

Dried bird order

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    Dried bird order
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    Wener egg raw
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    Garden Novel
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2023-06-06 18:17:30
During the reign of yuan and E in the Han Dynasty, Lin Zhen, a eunuch, controlled the government of the court and coerced the emperor to order the world, resulting in the disorder of forces in the court and the suffering of the people in order to consolidate the imperial power, the new emperor sent the former Teng army all the way to thoroughly investigate the "case of buying and selling officials", with the intention of tracking down the new minister of rites, Zhang ziri, in the hope of getting evidence of Lin Zhen's corruption but who knows, Lin Hu, the town envoy who led the former Teng army to investigate the case, has fallen into a deep quagmire since he came to Changzhou and found that the servant of the Ministry of Rites has died... Shuangshang and Shuangqiang love each other and kill good and evil against each other note: it must be a drama, maybe sadistic ~ in a word: cruel female villains seize the flower of male kaolin!