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Love does not last a lifetime

Love does not last a lifetime

Love does not last a lifetime

Rating: 9 / 10 from 1936 ratings
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    Love does not last a lifetime
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    Miss pocket
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    Free Trial Novel
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2022-08-21 09:07:55
Born in the countryside, Si Nan is timid and cowardly by nature after losing her biological parent since childhood, she was abused by her stepmother for many years. Her father's disregard filled Si Nan with fear and extreme lack of security in order to change her future fate, she worked hard to become strong, and Si Nan was finally admitted to a key university after graduation, "she" found "he" who can give herself a sense of warmth and security "would you like to be my girlfriend?" "god horse? I heard right? The rumored disciple won't let me meet him, will he?" they want to love when their engagement banquet was about to begin, there was bad news "Anan, Zichen, had a car accident, rescue, invalid." Si Nan fell down the stairs and his lower body was covered with blood she had a miscarriage... five years later, she saw the "morning" who once spoiled her and loved her but the other party turns a blind eye