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Bone soul bell

Bone soul bell

Bone soul bell

Rating: 9 / 10 from 6881 ratings
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    Bone soul bell
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    Farewell to shangxue
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    Air books
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2022-08-01 18:03:34
Chi lianyao star is about to come to the world. In order to deal with the disaster of heaven and earth, Yuntian disciple Chang Ling obeyed the teacher's order to go down the mountain to eliminate the devil guard and look for the demon family holy thing bone soul bell. At the same time, he also lived for himself. I didn't expect to die just down the mountain. Later, I was saved by a girl who asked for his sword. Later, she pestered herself to be her husband... she found wild fruit for him, took him home and said to protect him. He took her shopping, accompanied her to see the stars, and said he wouldn't leave her. He was concerned about the world, betrayed the master for her, and was willing to fall into the devil's way. He thought it was his own fate and had nothing to do with her!

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