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Better an Emperor than a palace fight

Better an Emperor than a palace fight

Better an Emperor than a palace fight

Rating: 9 / 10 from 8642 ratings
  • Alternative names:

    Better an Emperor than a palace fight
  • Author:

    Weng Liuli
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    Qishi Book
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The Lingzhou cloud family got into trouble with powerful people. Within a day, all the people died miserably only the daughter of the cloud family survived in order to save her life and revenge, Yunsu Rao's only way is to enter the palace draft as it happens, Yun Su Rao is gorgeous and enchanting. She is a beautiful creature! Anyone who had seen her stared and wanted to have nosebleed when all the people in the palace gather, you can't fight in the palace? Not to mention, Yun Su Rao's beauty is too gorgeous, which is superior to everyone. This lady came to harm her, and the concubine wanted to fight her Yun surao: I'm tired and don't want to argue anymore today's emperors are young and strong, vigorous and tall, profound and beautiful, and the emperor is dignified and tough! Yunsu Rao suddenly found a reason: it's better to rely on the emperor and win directly. There's no need to fight Yun Su Rao decided to go against the emperor instead of fighting in the palace!

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