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The Regent is crazy about protecting her husband

The Regent is crazy about protecting her husband

The Regent is crazy about protecting her husband

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    The Regent is crazy about protecting her husband
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    East hedgerow Chrysanthemum
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2023-05-03 08:40:32
This book, also known as "with Jun Mou" * Xiao Xiang was returned by Shikeng and caught in the storm of engagement. Oh, no as a new thinking female college student in the 21st century, she should stay away from dignitaries and feudal dregs, hold her head high and go her own way and indulge in evil in the Jianghu however, in the past, the father raised his palm and then the emperor forced him with a sword the old fox narrowed his eyes and smiled: "go back and be my daughter-in-law." raised his head and akimbo: "I refuse!" the emperor's eyes were cold, and 70 or 80 killers rushed out immediately Xiao Xiang:... what should I do? My life is threatened. There's a way he turned around to a man who didn't care about politics and begged: "I seem to have offended you again. Lock me up." a man tasted good wine and asked with a smile, "why?" smiled: "I don't want to see your nephew because he's too stupid." a draw from the corner of his mouth:... turned around, but there was a fiance... finally, as someone wanted, Yongxing heard that the future imperial concubine fell off the cliff in the suburbs, she lived in a seclusion in the peach forest. A woman in blue wanted to escape through the window, but her feet were less than the ground, and her body had been held in her arms someone cried for mercy: "Uncle Huang, I'm wrong." before the sound fell, his lips were tightly sealed "if you call me uncle Huang again, you will never forgive me lightly." a lord returned to the room leisurely with his daughter in his arms (due to the author's confusion, there are differences between the introduction and the content. For specific reference, please refer to the content. The introduction is for reference only.) * PS: there are many situations in the imperial capital. Let's see how the domineering female leader protects her husband and achieves hegemony double cleanliness, mutual favor, strange sword, conspiracy, in the middle of the game

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