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Mr. Shang can t hold his little cute

Mr. Shang can t hold his little cute

Mr. Shang can t hold his little cute

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    Mr. Shang can t hold his little cute
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    Luo pear flower smile
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    Wind Book
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2021-12-15 21:21:45
The first time we met, she grabbed the skirt with her little hand and stared at him. Her heart beat faster the young Shang Muyan had a handsome face and a cold, clear and meaningful smile. She was alienated and polite. When she passed her, there was a breath of mint smell. At a glance, she had infinite fantasies in her heart. She hoped that her future children would look as good as him Shang Muyan never did anything uncertain, but he was cheated by a little girl. He clearly agreed to fall in love. After talking for less than three months, the little girl left him and ran away. Later, the little girl finally made enough waves to return home. He knew that he liked to be a father. His son was three and a half years old and called him uncle when he met Meng Yue imparted her experience to her best friend who was deeply hurt by the slag man. "If you can't think of it, you just admit that you were played by the slag man. If you can think of it, you can find a high-quality genetic man to reproduce for free. Isn't he fragrant to go to your father and keep your son? What's the use of a man!" Shang Muyan's eyes were red and said heartache: "you said you wanted to fall in love with me, I knew you were just playing." He pulled the corners of his mouth with self mockery and sank into the dust, "if I do it again, I won't refuse..." the secret love you think has come true is actually his plot for a long time key words: two way secret love, reunion after a long separation, cute baby