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I open a company in Chang an

I open a company in Chang an

I open a company in Chang an

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    I open a company in Chang an
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    Give me a bottle of amhershey
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2022-09-08 19:30:58
My name is Bai Lidong. I was born in a rich family in H city. My father Baili Xuanye is the leading entrepreneur in H city. I inherited his company and became one of the few female entrepreneurs in H city I tried to make the company better, but my fate changed on that day. I was sucked into an unknown space. When I woke up, I found that I was in a business house in Chang'an city of the Tang Dynasty in modern times, I have read books about Chang'an. As far as I know, Chang'an in the prosperous Tang Dynasty had the spirit of prosperity and attracted worldwide attention, and the poet also had unspeakable love for Chang'an the mountains, rivers, plants and trees of Chang'an, even the smoke and willows of Baqiao, the vicissitudes of the post road, the tenderness of girls and the domineering spirit of chivalry have been written into chapters, turned into thick ink and spread to future generations only Chang'an of Datang has such massiness and accumulation. Looking at Chang'an City, I am the daughter of a large family. There are not many friends in Chang'an city. Fate should have married the royal family and become a concubine. However, I keep fate, and my father has nothing to do with me "hum..." a burst of memories poured into my mind. It turned out that the owner of this body was also called Baili Tong like me, but Baili Tong in this life was very different from me. I decided to make her life more wonderful, so I wanted to open a company in Chang'an.