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Rebirth 90 to be a rich man

Rebirth 90 to be a rich man

Rebirth 90 to be a rich man

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    Rebirth 90 to be a rich man
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    Red beans have Acacia
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    Garden Novel
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2022-06-23 13:52:14
(1v1, get rich) ordinary people have an ordinary life. Sorry? Unwilling? Maybe everyone will. Cheng Qingnian had too many regrets and guilt in his life. His relatives left one by one. After that, there was no real happiness. Those who do not forget their original heart, love life and treat the world well will eventually have good results. Again, take space, protect your family and realize your dreams in your last life. "You... What are you doing? Tear my love letter!" she is not straight and strong. She hasn't done anything bad. Why should she feel guilty? "Carry me behind your back and receive love letters?" "I'm fair and aboveboard!" "it's all my daughter-in-law, but I also receive love letters from others?" "who's your daughter-in-law!! don't talk nonsense!" someone picked up her left hand and raised her eyebrow "love keepsake." "that's the thank-you gift you gave me for saving you. What kind of love Keepsake!" "well... How can it be enough to help? It's better to promise by example and be sincere." "Oh...!" Cheng Qingnian blinked. After hesitation, she decided to give up resistance. Sanguan ran with her facial features. Anyway, she didn't lose