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Big guy s daily game

Big guy s daily game

Big guy s daily game

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    Big guy s daily game
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    Lu Xun rides a horse and becomes a thousand
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    52weixin Books
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2022-06-22 23:31:12
After listening to her friend Amway's heroine Lu Xun, who began to play the glory of the king, she met a big man in an accidental match. Lu Xun regarded him as a master in the game, and the other party also recognized Lu Xun's strength. But unexpectedly, the two men of the same age lived a completely different life< Br> Yu Huang, the male leader, is the king's combat power ceiling. He mainly plays on the sidelines, but he is physically handicapped and rarely talks on weekdays. Lu Xun, the female leader, is the king's talented girl. He mainly plays in the wild. Mainly around the two protagonists to write their daily game and daily life< Br> Tianwen, Tianwen, Tianwen, there are many vice CPS! There will be many interesting people!

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