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Chancheng medical woman

Chancheng medical woman

Chancheng medical woman

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    Chancheng medical woman
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    The goose is inlaid with gold and jade
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    Health Books
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2022-08-30 23:27:17
At the age of three, the legitimate daughter of the Liang family became a fool with a high fever. At the age of seven, a passing monk came outside the gate of the Liang family this girl has many disasters when she was young. She must build a family temple on the plum blossom mountain so that she can live here, otherwise... seven years later... the dementia girl will return surprisingly, the girl is no longer dementia, becomes smart and has some medical skills What doll was robbed by her sister it doesn't matter. I don't want such a scum man what? When the man of the Ji family comes to propose marriage, we have to consider it!