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Rating: 9 / 10 from 1757 ratings
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    Mingyue qingzun
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    Clean book
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She is a talented female agent in the 21st century, but she has become the infant Princess Su Qingyue of Bei'an. At the age of three, she was put into a cold palace by her father Su Yan. Eighteen years later, Bei'an and the great Zhou Dynasty made peace. She took the opportunity to become a princess of peace. In order to get shelter, she made an appointment with Murong Jing, the king of Qin of the great Zhou Dynasty in March. Three months later, she fulfilled her wish to become the princess of Qin. Su Qingyue has a firm foothold in the great Zhou Dynasty with her wisdom and ability. Su Yan wants to send troops to the great Zhou Dynasty, However, Su Qingyue was turned against him. However, when Su Qingyue's identity was revealed, all kinds of dangers came one after another. It was just... Why did her contracted husband look at her a little strange?