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Rebirth 80: I got rich in the control group

Rebirth 80: I got rich in the control group

Rebirth 80: I got rich in the control group

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    Rebirth 80: I got rich in the control group
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    Lemon is super sweet
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2022-07-13 10:23:46
Su Yun was jointly calculated by her mother and sister in her last life and died on her way home to ask for an explanation after her death, she realized that her life was just to set off the happy existence of her sister Su Ying once again, she chose to live another way Su Ying doesn't like the marriage that broke down and settled in the Xiao family. She changed hands with her and married to the village head's house. You can bring 200 yuan as compensation my parents don't like her being 'so ignorant'. You can sign it off. I'll never get in touch with you again everyone says that the eldest daughter of the Su family has suffered a lot since she married Po and settled in Xiao Lin< Eat and drink wild vegetables at Su Ying's house in the village Su Ying opened a canteen, and Su Yun was still digging wild vegetables on the mountain Su Ying gave birth to a fat boy, Su Yun... Oh, Su Yun's shop opened to the county and moved to the county with the Xiao family the people in the village who disliked Su Yun's miserable marriage suddenly realized that Su Yun had a miserable life? She took the lead in getting rich by hard work and became a city man Su Yun is settling accounts "Xiao Yun, it has been rumored in the village that I won't have children." Su Yun black question mark "doesn't it mean my stomach is not good?" "no, it's about me." The tall man was wronged like a dog despised by his master Su Yun couldn't help laughing: "what should I do?"< br> “……”

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