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Show her life

Show her life

Show her life

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    Show her life
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    Static ink fragrance
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    Redhouse Novel
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In college, Xu Shuyan was recognized as the school flower of the school and looked very good. Fu Jinchuan liked Xu Shuyan. Later, she confessed that she was successful with her for a period of time. Gradually, she found that they were not suitable. His possessiveness was too strong, so Guo Duan proposed to break up, and Fu Jinchuan also disappeared in the school. No one knew where he had gone. Soon, Xu Shuyan came together with the elders of her first temple. After graduation, Xu Shuyan went abroad for three years after returning home, he should have lived a simple and happy life with his boyfriend. He has become the youngest and very talented entrepreneur in s city. It can be said that he is very rich and has countless admirers around him at Xu Shuyan's birthday party, his appearance completely broke this beautiful life "Yan Yan, don't run away from me!" "Xu Shuyan, I can give you whatever you want, even the moon in the sky!"